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Distinguished by their clean cuts, graceful designs and rich materials, Rachana’s handcrafted accessories personify a quiet Indian elegance and timeless sophistication. A seamless fusion of traditional elements and contemporary design, each piece is made with posterity in mind. To further enhance the worth of each clutch, all of Rachana Reddy designs are produced in Limited editions.


The synthesis of fine wood, metal, silk and leather embodies an ageless charm and a precious jewel-like richness. Our clutches are made using carefully sourced wood, pure Indian silks and highest grade leather.  Wood is known for its durability, strength, and resistance to weather, insects, decay and hence holds its form for many years to come. It also maintains its gleam due to its special oil content. The organic beauty of wood is that which ensures that no two clutches are alike. Each piece is unique in grain, texture and colour due to natural irregularities occurring in wood and leather harmonize in each clutch making it a collectible and visually exquisite work of art.


At the Rachana Reddy studio, the handmade product is considered a true luxury and artisanal methods of wood craft are at the very heart of the process. The precious skills of local artisans highlight the beautiful organic nature of the wood and allow for the rich materials to be woven meticulously into each piece. In an age where technology is capable of creating almost anything, the golden touch of the artisan’s hands still wields the potential to produce beauty that can be never replicated. The nature of wood and handmade quality ensures that every clutch is unique and has a character of its own. Each piece comes with a signature engraving on the back for authenticity.


Wood is mother nature’s bountiful blessing to mankind, and one that provides enormously and ceaselessly to support an entire planet. Nature being one of the primary inspirations behind Rachana’s clutches also means sustainability both in process and output, is of the essence. As far as possible, we strive to use locally sourced, reclaimable wood in a responsible way making each clutch a collectible and visually exquisite work of art.