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We proudly offer a comprehensive manufacturer's warranty against any defects.  Our dedication to unparalleled quality and artistry extends not only to the product's inception but also to the service we provide for you and your purchase.

We are readily available to replace, repair, and service your product as promptly as possible.


WOOD: Natural wood surfaces are susceptible to denting, scratching, and gouging if not used and maintained properly. The warranty is contingent upon the proper use and care of the clutch as instructed in the 'Product Care' section of this document, which is referenced herein.


  • In the event of a manufacturing defect discovered upon delivery, it is essential to promptly notify the studio with images of the damage with 48 hours of receipt. Rachana Reddy will then, either repair or replace any piece or component found to have material or workmanship defects, or any part that incurred damage during transit.
  • Issues related to magnet closures, fabric tears, or hardware problems are covered for lifetime refurbishment, provided they are not the result of rough usage within 30 days. However, please note that decisions in this regard are at the sole discretion of Rachana Reddy Atelier.
  • Hardwoods are natural materials and may exhibit inherent characteristics such as mineral marks, pitch pockets, color and grain variation, which are not included in the terms of this warranty.
  • Stains, glazes, and lacquers may undergo subtle changes in color and texture, especially when exposed to heat and direct UV sunlight, and are therefore not included in the warranty coverage. To extend the lifetime of these finishes, we kindly recommend storing your items in the provided dust bag.
  • After undergoing a series of stress tests and proving to be durable and resistant to normal wear, these wood clutches are designed to last a lifetime when handled in accordance with our care guide.



Our wooden accessories are wearable pieces of art, meticulously handcrafted from natural wood fiber. Having undergone stress tests and proved to be strong and resilient under regular wear, the clutch will endure a lifetime when cared for properly.

• To prevent wood cracking, avoid excessive squeezing or gripping.
• Refrain from dropping, throwing, or subjecting the clutch to heavy impacts.
• Gently open the clutch main flap; avoid pulling or yanking.
• The packaging box is designed to provide maximum protection when the clutch is not in use.
• Do not store in direct sunlight.
• To clean, gently wipe with a dry cloth and refrain from using solvent cleaners.

Warranty Issued by: Rachana Reddy (C/o Rare Design Co.) | Bangalore 560005
Email: shop@rachanareddy.com | www.rachanareddy.com